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Your stories

Local Land Services assists producers and community members to implement a wide range of activities.

These are your stories, which demonstrate the diversity of partnerships and projects being undertaken throughout NSW.

Local Land Services assists producers and community members to implement a wide range of activities.

These are your stories, which demonstrate the diversity of partnerships and projects being undertaken throughout NSW.

Tell us how we've worked with you and the community to improve primary production within healthy landscapes.

Your contribution is important to us and we value your time and effort in letting us know how we have helped you build productive, healthy landscapes.

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  • Small farms network

    almost 2 years ago
    08 september 2015   andrew britton

    The challenge Small landholders as a collective clientèle are challenging to engage due to their diverse rural lifestyles, off-farm employment, transient/absent nature and social disconnect with traditional community networks. The Small Farms Network, established in 2004, captures this rapidly expanding landholder demographic, functioning as a regional hub for workshops, natural resource management funding and the delivery of a whole of farm sustainable land management.

    Work undertakenThe network has 622 members across the Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands districts. Twelve workshops were delivered on a variety of integrated land management topics, building the capacity and skills of more than 350... Continue reading

  • Malleefowl recovery project

    almost 2 years ago
    Case study malleefowl

    The challenge Formerly widespread throughout mainland Australia, the malleefowl (leipoa ocellata) is currently listed as endangered in NSW under the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995. Fragmentation of habitat, through land clearing and predation by introduced pest animals such as foxes and feral cats, has seen the malleefowl retreat into the last viable remnants of the mallee and mulga woodlands.

    Work undertakenDonato Environmental Services developed a malleefowl management plan for the North Yalgogrin site. As a result, 12 motion-detector cameras were deployed at active and inactive mounds, water points and known malleefowl locations to assist with monitoring. Land managers attended... Continue reading

  • Northern corridors connections project

    almost 2 years ago
    Nclls and project partners and landholder at cougal park (1)

    The challenge The Border Ranges and Wollumbin World Heritage areas and the Ballina Coastal Corridor contain populations of, and habitats for, a large number of threatened plant and animal species. These areas and their connecting corridors have the highest concentration of marsupial mammals, birdlife, reptile and frog species in eastern Australia.

    Work undertakenThe project undertakes a range of activities that focus on protecting wildlife corridors, threatened species recovery and maintaining native vegetation remnants. Activities focus on improving core biodiversity corridors, improved farm production and on-ground biodiversity success stories. Project works also engage Indigenous organisations through a working on Country... Continue reading

  • Protecting and restoring ecosystems

    almost 2 years ago
    12.2015 revegetation fd 1

    The challenge This project engaged private and public land managers to protect and restore ecosystems across the Central Tablelands region through a range of restoration activities, prioritising works that protect and restore nationally and state listed threatened species and ecological communities.

    Work undertakenCentral Tablelands Local Land Services contracted landholders to protect land to create continuous tracts of native vegetation for species habitat and dispersal. Landholders received financial and technical support to undertake activities such as restoring understory diversity, protection of waterways and protection of remnant vegetation by managing the impact of grazing, pest animals and invasive weeds. A program... Continue reading

  • Sustainable solution for free range farmer

    almost 2 years ago
    Hunter mickbudden garthshort lm

    The challenge

    Lower Hunter landholder and free range poultry farmer, Garth Short was running a modest, but prosperous operation of up to 400 chickens. In 18 months, foxes took up to 250 chickens from his farm, resulting in a production downturn. With plans to grow a long-term, sustainable business and lifestyle of living entirely off the land, Garth needed a manageable solution.

    Work undertakenWorking with Hunter Local Land Services and the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Garth gained tools and information to better manage and grow his enterprise. He undertook training through Hunter Local Land Services in invasive species... Continue reading